Flooding Update 1st June

There has been no further significant flooding which is good news, the people of Ibanda, Kyanya and the surrounding area now begin the long road to rebuilding their lives. 80 people are still finding refuge at St Mark’s School and many others that are homeless are located other local schools.  There have been many tragic […]

Coming home… Luca’s Blog

Uganda was an amazing experience for me, in particular to see what it’s like for the people living there.  The first morning at my house after coming back from Uganda I looked around my room, I then remembered how little money the Ugandans had and how small some of their houses were. We visited a […]

Trevor’s Blog

My thoughts from my 3rd visit to Uganda with a team of 4 ladies; are that this was amongst the most amazing 12 days of my life. It is almost impossible to write all that we achieved such was the fullness of our agenda. Planning ahead for the Team, across so many miles between the […]

How was Uganda? Charlotte’s Blog

Since I returned from Uganda I have frequently been asked ‘how was Uganda’? A seemingly simple question yet it leaves me temporarily speechless, as those who know me will agree this is not something that happens often. Usually my response is along the lines of ‘it was amazing’. How was Uganda? It was breathtakingly beautiful […]

Choices – Catherine’s Blog

Choices Life in Uganda is hard. So hard.  I’ve been to Uganda three times now, and I feel like I’m starting to think and feel new things about the whole Ugandan experience. On the surface, the people are happy, smiley, and so excited to see you. The children are always singing, laughing and competing to […]

Climbing a Mountain – Sybil’s blog

Climbing up the mountain to Katabukenene was stunning. It was a tough climb but the views were marvellous. We passed gardens with bananas or coffee growing and occasional homes perched on the side of the mountain. At the top was a village street with small shops and homes, but we headed off down the other […]

The Team Return – Lisa’s blog

As you will hopefully know the team returned safely from the visit to Uganda in August.  Here Lisa writes about her experience. Philemon v5-7,   “because I hear about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all saints.  I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will […]

Pastors and Churches!

Pastors and churches are in the spotlight this week!  This aspect of work is really important to us – not least because it was central to Mark’s original dream.  The training of pastors to enable good Biblical teaching for Christians in the churches and evangelism for those outside it, has always been important to the […]