We’re off …………..!

The packing is almost done and online check in will soon be possible!  The Dream team would value your prayers in the coming days for the following: safe travel that all luggage travels safely with us and is not tampered with for good health throughout for good team dynamics for relationships to be built with […]


It doesn’t always go quite the way you expect – I have never known any church service in Uganda to follow the pattern or timing above!! For those of you who have worked overseas and perhaps in Africa in particularly – you will know that being extremely flexible and spontaneous are crucial skills to cultivate […]

Highlights of the 2014 Team Visit

If you can’t wait for the Dream team to come back with their news next month, whet your appetite on the highlights of the 2014 team visit. AAD Chairman, Dennis Preston writes of his trip At the end of October 2014 I travelled with Ali, my wife, and Trev a fellow Trustee to visit our […]


Whenever I visit Uganda people often ask me “what are you going to do”? ( A rather western question from a culture that delights in being busy).  Encouragement perhaps sums up rather well the purpose of our trip.  Yes we hope indeed to bless those we meet with perhaps a new item of clothing or […]