Highlights of the 2014 Team Visit

If you can’t wait for the Dream team to come back with their news next month, whet your appetite on the highlights of the 2014 team visit. AAD Chairman, Dennis Preston writes of his trip At the end of October 2014 I travelled with Ali, my wife, and Trev a fellow Trustee to visit our […]


Whenever I visit Uganda people often ask me “what are you going to do”? ( A rather western question from a culture that delights in being busy).  Encouragement perhaps sums up rather well the purpose of our trip.  Yes we hope indeed to bless those we meet with perhaps a new item of clothing or […]

Belonging and Belongings!

Last Saturday was a long and exciting day fundraising for our visit to Uganda in June – thanks so much to everyone who came and supported us and helped raise £350.  Since then I have been busy sorting all the kind donations of clothes and other items brought and I have been thinking about belongings […]

We did it!

For those of you who wondered if we had come unstuck on our 40km walk last Saturday and that’s why there was no news – happily you are wrong!  We did it!  It was a beautiful day, not a drop of rain – thank you to everyone who prayed for us.  The morning most definitely […]

Graduation Day!

I am trying to imagine finding myself responsible for a church in Uganda, both the building if there is one and the congregation inside it.  My role would be to encourage the people, pray for the sick, teach the Bible ………… – perhaps not too dissimilar to a pastor in the UK.  But for the […]

Walk on the Wildside!

Another practice walk was completed last weekend in readiness for the 40 kilometres being walked on Easter Saturday to raise funds for the team’s visit in June.  I actually rather enjoyed the 18km that I wandered with my eldest son Noah and my friend Rod, whose wife Sue is on the summer team.  It was […]