Health days are held at St Mark’s School twice a year during which pupils are screened for common diseases as well as having a dental check and given a new toothbrush and toothpaste. They also attend sessions on general health matters such as personal hygiene and disease prevention. Once a year the health day is extended to include parents and guardians who are offered health education sessions as well as given general advice.

For a few years AAD has funded the provision of washable sanitary towels to the school which are available for all girls who need them. Previously girls had been missing up to a quarter of their schooling and providing sanitary towels has proved successful in improving attendance rates. This year the sanitary towels were provided by a local co-operative whose training was funded by AAD. Managed by Wilson, the Teens Development Co-ordinator, they have developed Queen Confidence, a washable sanitary towel, and St Mark’s were their first major order.


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