Men, Women and the Bible


I’m not sure that gathering stats on a Sunday is really common practice for churches in the UK, but as I sorted yet more paper from my visit to Uganda last month, I found scribbled down the following information on those who attended the Sunday service:

Kids 25          Men 6          Women 20          Youth 11         Visitors 6          Bibles 9

I was intrigued by a couple of things – there were fewer men in church than women – the same as in the UK, but also that Bibles were so significant that the number present in the congregation was documented.  The reason for only 9 Bibles among 43 adults was a question I didn’t ask but wish I had.  Was the cost of a Bible the issue?  Or perhaps the ability to read – either in English or in Luconzo.  There are Bibles in both languages available though the Luconzo Bibles have to come from over the border in Congo – cost approx £6.  Whatever the case, access to a Bible and the ability to read it is definitely something I am used to taking for granted but might not so much in the future.

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