Sophie’s Blog – Dinah’s Story – A Life Transformed

Even after more than 20 years of going to Uganda I love every visit.  Why?, because the experience is different each time.  It’s often easy to focus on the negative and sad and yet as I reflect back on what I actually remember I think of the times of joy and celebration – rejoicing with those who have overcome much to succeed through hard work and perseverance – I think particularly of Dinah (aged 15), one of the girls who has learnt to sew and make jewellery.  She stood to share what taking part in the project has meant for her.  She spoke about not knowing anything at the start but now after 9 months of training she can not only sew clothes herself but is able to train others.  She has also learnt to make necklaces through the jewellery project.  When Dinah had finished speaking, Eunice the project leader, gave testimony as to the impact the project has had on Dinah who apparently came at the start so shy she couldn’t speak to say anything so for her to have confidence to speak in front of 20 people also spoke volumes about how her self esteem had improved over the 9 months. It is this kind of encouragement that makes me realise that changing even one life for the better is so worth it! 

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