Pastors and Churches!

Pastors and churches are in the spotlight this week!  This aspect of work is really important to us – not least because it was central to Mark’s original dream.  The training of pastors to enable good Biblical teaching for Christians in the churches and evangelism for those outside it, has always been important to the […]

Men, Women and the Bible

I’m not sure that gathering stats on a Sunday is really common practice for churches in the UK, but as I sorted yet more paper from my visit to Uganda last month, I found scribbled down the following information on those who attended the Sunday service: Kids 25          Men 6     […]

People Watching

‘People Watching’  You know when people ask you your hobbies, and you are never quite sure what to say? Well, I have come to realise that people watching is one of my favourite things to do. If you are ever wondering where I am, I can normally be found tucked away in a coffee shop […]

Beautiful Uganda ……….

Sue went to Uganda this year on her second visit and shares why she loves it so much………………… Uganda is so beautiful. Heaven must look like Uganda, it is the most beautiful place I have ever been to on earth. Whilst in Uganda I felt very connected to God, his presence seems so tangible, in the beauty […]

Health ……….

Having four children in our house we have our fair share of illnesses and mishaps; verucas, ingrowing toenails, orthodontics, pulled muscles and so forth do crop up from time to time.  We even had a visit to A&E recently when one of my children needed his head glued back together after a someone’s tooth made […]

We’re off …………..!

The packing is almost done and online check in will soon be possible!  The Dream team would value your prayers in the coming days for the following: safe travel that all luggage travels safely with us and is not tampered with for good health throughout for good team dynamics for relationships to be built with […]


It doesn’t always go quite the way you expect – I have never known any church service in Uganda to follow the pattern or timing above!! For those of you who have worked overseas and perhaps in Africa in particularly – you will know that being extremely flexible and spontaneous are crucial skills to cultivate […]