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Since I returned from Uganda I have frequently been asked ‘how was Uganda’? A seemingly simple question yet it leaves me temporarily speechless, as those who know me will agree this is not something that happens often. Usually my response is along the lines of ‘it was amazing’.

How was Uganda?

It was breathtakingly beautiful and I never tired of the scenery.

It was exhilarating; I was finally somewhere that I had felt God calling me to and seeing for myself the difference that An African Dream makes to people’s lives.

It was humbling; I will never forget the roar of joy when we told 120 ladies that they would be making things to take home.

It was heart breaking; I spent a day visiting the ‘local’ clinic (approximately 45 minutes along a bumpy ‘road’) and from there went on to the area hospital, a further 40 minutes drive. St Paul’s clinic in Kasese provides outreach healthcare for St Mark’s School twice a year and has inpatient and outpatient services yet lacks most basic resources. For example there is no x-ray unit and all patients with suspected bones are referred to Kagando Hospital, where there is also a lack of basic resources, but what both these centres have are the most amazing staff.

It was awe inspiring; I met some amazing people. James who founded Mountains of Hope, the organisation that trained people to make washable sanitary towels, met me in Kampala to discuss projects and was truly inspiring.

It was great fun, I have not laughed so much in a long time. Nor have I been laughed at so much, apparently sneezing then blowing my nose was the funniest thing the pupils of St Marks had seen and left them rolling on the ground in hysterics.

It was scary; I couldn’t quite agree with Cathy as I sat behind her on a bodaboda, clinging on to her while she happily shouted ‘this is SUCH fun’.

It was full of contradictions; I missed my husband dreadfully but at the same time felt completely at home.

It was confusing; it was all of these things all at the same time.

How was Uganda?

It was life changing.

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