Update on flooding situation in Uganda which began May 7th

Flooding has continued over the last week – the bridge connecting the village of Ibanda where teams stay in the Rwenzori Guest house and Khanya where St Mark’s school is situated has been washed away along with the temporary repair. Bikone church is one of several that has been damaged beyond repair. Homes have been destroyed and St Mark’s school is currently sheltering a number of families who have been made homeless by the floods. 150 homes are thought to have been destroyed, so many have been displaced. Kilembe hopsital, the nearest medical facility has been destroyed despite being built on a bank and carefully sandbagged. Roads have been destroyed and crops damaged – the implications of all this are serious and far reaching into the months ahead – this community will need a lot of support for a long time to recover and to prevent loss of life through malnutrition and disease.

Please support the flooding relief campaign.

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Quote from Henry, “People are going to suffer the more because crops have been swept leaving us hopeless now.

Quote form Lumika, “Mubuku river has flooded, Khanya Maliba Bikone and Kisojo – people’s businesses and houses were destroyed.”

Please pray for the community and consider giving to our community support fund.

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