What would visiting Uganda be like? ….

Not sure if you’d like to visit Uganda in 2017 – then read about Charlotte’s experience from this year …………..
“I had such an amazing time in Uganda 2016 with An African Dream. When I signed up I did it because I had been to Uganda before and loved it and this trip looked a little different and I was really interested in the work that Sophie’s charity was doing in Uganda. When we went I was a little nervous about the fact that I might have to pray for lots of people or stand in front of the church and preach about the Bible, as I didn’t think I would have the right amount of theological knowledge to be able to do this. However, when we got there I felt less nervous. I really enjoyed my time there, and to pick a favourite part is very hard. I learnt a lot more about the Ugandan culture on this trip as we got invited to people’s houses for lunches and dinner. My experience of a Ugandan church was very exciting too, it was very different from English churches. As the time went by I found myself being more and more confident praying with people and speaking in front of people. At the church I shared my testimony with the congregation and myself and Sam prayed for almost everyone there that day individually for healing. I also really enjoyed getting to know the team better and bonding with them. The landscapes and wildlife are incredible as well. There was no part of the trip that I didn’t enjoy and I would very much love to go out again and help to continue the work they are doing out there.”

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