Kasese and its surrounding region is affected by the consequences of HIV/AIDS and many widows care for large numbers of extended family. AAD supports over 200 widows across 73 churches in the region.

Our vision is for them to know that they are loved and cared about, as widows are generally looked down upon in the community and most certainly feel vulnerable.

As well as providing spiritual encouragement, AAD originally funded a project to supply pigs for widows which is now self sustaining.  The pig breeding enables widows to provide for their families and with the proceeds many of them have bought essential items such as soap, cooking oil, mattresses, blankets and corrugated iron roof sheets, in addition to providing school fees and digging latrines.  In recent months poverty levels have increased such that pigs have been being stolen so we are now looking to provide goats instead which can be taken into widows homes at night for security and protection.  A goat can be provided for a widow for £40.

AAD is continuing to work with the community to seek further opportunities for providing sustainable income projects.

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